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Do you need Constables to serve legal documentation 24/7? Are you stuck in court matters? Divorce, child issues, domestic issues, adoptions, tenant evictions, witness summons whatever they may be MA Constables I.A.D can provide you with the paper work that you’re looking for. Most importantly MA Constables I.A.D serves in and the following Massachusetts locations: Taunton, New Bedford, Dartmouth, Lakeville, Wareham, Boston, Fall River and Somerset. If you wish to see more cities in the list, please give us 24-72 hours to update it and hopefully you will find what you were looking for with our main services Listed below.
We currently accept both long and short term contracts and are ready to welcome all sorts of probate deliveries from all over Massachusetts. If you have any queries regarding our services we have our contact details listed below. Our process servers are fully licensed and bonded, and our network is spread throughout Massachusetts.

For information regarding legal procedures, click on any of the active links in the table below.

We have been successful in building firm relationships with the community and have also been able in maintaining them throughout due to our professional staff and workers. We aim to provide you with the best legal documentation at any time that you would require and hope to fulfill all your requirements while still keeping our standards set high.

MA Constable I.A.D knows how to keep its standards professional and complete its tasks before the due time. We have been providing legal documentation for some time to those whom we accepted to serve and have been quite successful in doing so.

We are glad to entertain any queries that you may have and have listed our contact details just below. Don’t stand back in contacting us, we will appreciate your attention towards us and will hope to return your questions with satisfactory answers.

We Accept Probate Deliveries in all of Massachusetts / Our Constable Services I.A.D is presently serving or ready to welcome long term & short term clients (CONTRACTS) from these Massachusetts locations: Taunton, New Bedford, Dartmouth, Lakeville, Wareham, Somerset, Boston and Fall River . If area not list please give us 48 – 72 hours to complete task.


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